If there is the possibility of effectively turning the bitcoin network off then I think one attack to consider that I haven’t heard about is to create a new network and attempt to grow enough available hash power that could sustain such an attack. Here the distinction is the social aspect of the coup.

This attack might not seem plausible given the lead of bitcoin’s hashrate, however, even if that were so it should still be considered in theory.

But an attacker preparing such an attack would not be necessarily directly and actively implementing available hashrate but rather garnering support for a future social movement to do so (which would include private and government agreements and infrastructure agreements)



Ideal Money, being a proposal based on a lesser money (aka asymptotically Ideal Money), was an idea extrapolated by daring to envision an ideal geopolitical and economic scenario for the world.

We can consider this definition of “ideal”:

…existing only in the imagination; desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality.

It is daring in the Machiavellian sense-a type of thinking which traverses taboo lines of possibilities in order to holistically consider counter action.

Going forward there will be special people that dare to consider the “ideal” in their respective domains. Out of the generalisation and then specification of this approach we will extrapolate a magnitude of advance with regard to new technology.

In a seemingly immediate fashion.