A Proper Critique of Jordan Peterson: An Inquiry Into the Role of Propriety on the Observation of the Nature of the Cosmos

The Anti-Marxist

Observations On Observations

The Subjective Nature of Words and the Objective Nature of Propriety

A Game Theoretical Optimum In Regard to the Ideal Governance and Social Structure

An Insight From Adam Smith’s TOMS

Transcending Duality: Another Perspective For a Social Optimum

On the Nature of Godwin’s Law

Inflation, Taxation, and War

On the Nature and Cause of Conflict and (Bad) Socialism

Implicate Order and Explicate Order

On Fragmentation and Wholeness

On The Possibility of the Simultaneous Advancement of Life in the Universe

On The Effects of the Dualistic Observer

On the True Nature and Cause of Conflict

Re-visiting Team Red Versus Team Blue

Closing Comment on Observations and Light





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Fallacious Arguments

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