A Special Note on Frameworks and the ICPI From Nash’s Ideal Money

1 min readJul 1, 2023

In regard to inflation and Nash’s ICPI. Nash was looking to create a constitutional basis for inflation targeting for central banked currencies. However it was not the end goal to have a constitutional basis rather to create a global set up for money that was issued with a trustworthy or predictable inflation schedule.

Here I purposefully have done something I don’t do often which is offer the word inflation but without disambiguating if I mean to refer to the purchasing power of a currency or rather to the supply rate of that currency.

I mean to note here (and this is not a trivial note and its very well extended and supported within my writing especially in regard to adding the perspective and framework into the syntax of theories we/humanity present and explain) that depending on the economy in question and the framework or rather also HOW the economy is arranged (ie how the global economy might link to the IMF) the two differing disambiguations of the word inflation mentioned above might be very implicit in their co-existence or not at all.

The observation here in regard to the Nash’s use of the ICPI is important because it then re-aligns the concept with Nick Szabo’s quest to create equitably valued bitgold units and Satoshi Nakamoto’s asymptotic implementation of such.