Illuminating Limiting Frameworks and Conditioning of those That Otherwise Won’t

I think its been shown (or at least posited) by the author that any serious inquiry into complex subjects such as economics MUST necessarily include the action or direction of balancing (for example to understand the nature and differences between Austrian and Keynesian economics rather than simply touting one side).

It is this observation that puts the author above all other economic philosophers of today.

Those that doesn’t seek to illuminate their frameworks and especially their hidden frameworks in order to thereafter philosophize from a higher order that sees beyond such frameworks cannot be considered fully rational or sincere.

I think then we can also consider this in regard to political based dualities and understand that the way that we divide our political perceptions of our social reality create corresponding truths.

That is to say someone that slides to the left on certain political views becomes predictable in regard to other views. Then to be not balanced in this regard means to be exploitable regardless of whether one slides to the left or the right.

It doesn’t really matter then how much one slides either way but rather whether or not one is aware of the possibility of this kind of manipulation of personalities from either side of the spectrum.

An entity understanding this phenomenon would have control over those that don’t and could induce and use social cohesion or the lack thereof at their own mercy.



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