On Ideology as a Reverse Euphemism and The Myth of Twitter’s Left Leaning Bias

Re-visiting the Reverse Euphemism

I have written in the past about a concept I call a Reverse Euphemism (perhaps there is an actual word for this) which is created when a person loads a word up in their argument to have a definition which hides the part of their argument in which the reasoning is problematic.

The Alleged “Right’s” Problem With The Alleged “Left Leaning” Twitter Policies

Here we can watch a perfect representative of a faction that accuses Twitter of being anti-free speech and left leaning, Tim Pool, basically head to head with the representative of Twitter’s policy team:

“If you say that you believe someone is biologically male even though they identify as female that’s a perspective that should be valid. First of all its biologically correct. So we have a problem in that if your standards and your policies are not biologically accurate then you are dealing with an ideological policy.”

First of all I want to note two things in Joe’s defense. First I don’t think he meant “standards and policies” so much as “beliefs and standard definitions”. I think the former might be taken as a offensive by some and I don’t think he meant it by such an offensive set of implied definitions.

A Side Note On Religion and Science

Today I had some Twitter dialogue that started in a thread with someone saying that they were quite upset that they were about to get in trouble from the police for misgendering someone:

Ideology as a Reverse Euphemism

I caution to the reader. Words don’t have definitions but they can have shared meaning. Here are some possible meanings for these words that could be implied or shared:

Conflict and Core Beliefs

I think what we are really witnessing is a type of person that feels a need to test their beliefs in a way or to use their reasoning to dispel ignorance and when they breach a policy it feels to them as though their core beliefs are being attacked (or suppressed). Here I say attacked because there is a sort of feeling of fight or flight (where the tendency is to fight because there is nothing to gain otherwise and nothing to lose).

On Natural Rights

My definition of natural rights is loosely our ability to endeavor to do whatever we want provided we don’t encroach on another’s endeavor.



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