On Jal’s Dad

1 min readMar 11, 2024


My father has Alzheimer's but at this time he can recognize me and he can do one activity-cribbage.

One of my earliest memories is driving with him teaching me my times tables.

Its quite amazing to see him rendered down to crib.

Thewealthofchips talks about the relationship between society and our psychology and games and the evolution games with respect to our cultural and technological evolutions.

I often don’t enjoy games the way people do I think because I think of them on too high of a level.

But I am extremely appreciative of the nuances that are involved in playing crib with my old man these days.

I played with him for about an hour. He asked me my profession, and then congratulated me, and then told me he’s proud of me…but over and over 15+ times because he forgets that he just told me.

He doesn’t know Jal.