On The Ebb and Flow of Money Re-Definition

On the Fallacy of Inflation and Inflation Targeting

My previous articles re-view a narrative on inflation targeting such that it can be shown that markets ultimately value a currency by the trustworthiness of the issuer rather than the actual changes (increases) in the supply of the currency units.

Notes on Inflation Targeting as a Strategy for Bluffing

Then a “central banker” does in fact have a political role in which they convey either sincerely intended information and signals or perhaps deceptive signals or noise.

Re-defining Money

Beyond that I think that we can understand how absurd it might be to make assertions as to what can be money and when and how many different types of medium can only exist as money at one time.

Gresham’s Narrative and Why Bad Money is Good

I still haven’t found these letters or letter that Gresham wrote the queen with. But for all I can understand he was tasked to explain to her where her wealth went.

Oil as Money

Oil itself is a commodity that is necessary for nations and major economies to the thrive. It is one of the cheaper more transportable energy sources and not every nation has perfect domestic access to a plentiful enough supply of it. Thus trade is necessary for these economies to sustain competitive production.



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