On the Misunderstanding of the Role of Money

The great mistake is to see the world with respect to good and evil. For many this carries into their understanding of the global banking/financial system. You can’t understand money this way.

To say and see that banks (and governments) are inherently bad or evil is to admit you don’t understand their nature and function (“literally”!). This limitation in understanding is revealed by people that believe that banks print money.

Taking this understanding further (or rather tracing its roots) we need to understand that as we evolved (from stardust!) it took until this long to have a global and stably connected economy. In times when we broke geo-physical paradigms and reached certain levels of economic achievement (up to for example the large hadron collider) our money systems needed to evolve.

With the evolution and change of such significant systems comes different types of ramifications and risk. Some would be adverse to such risk for various reasons, whether well-founded or not, but also some would not be in a position to capitalize on the new change (or worse that they cannot protect themselves from total loss).

In this sense there are shorter-term winners and losers in any such significant advance of the economic system, even if the longer term overall change would benefit everyone dramatically (in fact this dynamic might be part of the difficult of the change for some).

Then in a equilibrium observation you would have some large set of players that benefit off of the change and perhaps an equal or significantly larger set of players, or citizens of the world, that have a type of inherited cultural trauma from the change.

To not understand this would be to be trapped within a false and dualistic paradigm and hinder ones ability to flow with such present day change. To understand this otherwise then would be liberating.



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