On The Nature of K and the Duality of Action Based Climate Science

You have passion and fury.

You look for the enemy to rightfully channel such energies.

Stop arguing for a moment.

Krishnamurti teaches us to put our passions aside.

To have no have no other enemy than drive.

To begin from a state of NO PURPOSE.

And not to fear exploring such a state.

I think even just reading the introduction and conclusion sections, you’ll be able to see…

Stakeholders must face these challenges now in order to prevent potentially worse economic losses and declines in standard of living due to inaction. ~Jyn Urso https://medium.com/@magusperivallon/groundwater-depletion-of-the-high-plains-aquifer-overuse-climate-change-and-global-implications-c4e7b81a783b

There is the data and there is the analysis of it. The data comes from science and the analysis taints it.

Can we simply observe?

We are worried that action creates economics inefficiencies.

You declare to me you are a physicist and scientist but in your paper you make economic based assertions outside of your domain.

Ok now start arguing again.



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