On the Re-solution of Capitalism and Socialism or the Proper Role of Government

1 min readMay 2, 2023

And we can’t really logically assume that human civil-ization has found the ultimate ideal of forms of social government in the times of the twentieth century. (One can imagine a future form of government where a highly advanced automaton (or array of computers) would function like the office of a City Manager with the human input to the government passing through the analogue of a City Council.)~Ideal Money

Here we can consider the distinction between a system of governance where the individual gives up otherwise natural freedoms to a higher authority versus one in which the individual has full capability of expressing their natural freedom and we want to synthesize this with our extensions of the nature of the firm.

We already note the existence of central banking comes from the (increased)(transport) cost of settling with the base layer of the monetary system and thus as a natural solution to such a phenomenon.

We can also then consider the social cost or savings in regard to centralizing the organization (organizing ) of our rights and relate this to the formation of a firm.

On the opposite range the individual, who has the best Hayekian view of their own information, and thus it would be natural (order) to decentralization this firm to give the individual complete control over their own rights.