On Twitter’s Alleged Left Leaning Bias, Crypto-Anarchy, and (False) Duality

“Because all the same tests would be all the same results”

What’s Eating Szabo?

On The Crypto-Anarchist Narrative Of Bitcoin

  1. The chain you choose is correct for you
  2. If you don’t know what the real bitcoin is then you are an idiot

Re-Enter: Propriety

Here we call attention to a central theme of Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral sentiments which is man’s relationship to propriety:

How does a broken mind/computer heal itself?

To put it another way isn’t it the diseased mind that is constantly fixated on problems that it cannot solve? When the reasoning centers/processes are corrupt how does such a brain then use reason to identity and fix the corrupted region(s)?

Propriety and the “What is Bitcoin” Network

The crypto-anarchist wants to define bitcoin by the consensus rules that are allegedly implicit in its design. Once these are established the user simply needs to choose a node implementation that only observes blocks that follow these rules.

Social Media and Politics

Re-turning to Order

In poker or game theory in general when there is not definitive information in regard to the circumstances of the decision to be made there is known to be a balanced action that exists which becomes a best case, unexploitable, response. If we raise this concept to our inquiry of unbalanced political perspective and start from a theoretically objective view there can only be the observation that the propriety of the entirety of participants is what is social order.



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