Propriety as The Great Guardian

1 min readJul 3, 2022


Extending insights on the Great Includer

I remember a dialogue I had with a peer not long after taking a good first look at the libertarian/Austrian viewpoint (or whatever is the range and slide between Nick Szabo’s work and the full bitcoin maximalist view).

My peer countered the idea of the free market knowing best with the scenario of rational self interest leading to overconsumption of otherwise publicly available resources (ie what’s to stop nestle from bottling and selling water to the point that there is no water left or that ecological disaster caused by negligence by nestle has effectively destroyed the resource.)

I kept that counter argument with me since then and I feel I have more balanced views these days.

Here I am thinking of the introduction of the axiom which agrees that government intervention is necessary to protect humans and nature from overconsumption of the wealth, the greedy, the powerful or whatever such an opponent of sustainability might be.

Who then is the guardian versus the nations as individual players in this game? What body of governance protects the world from nations that somehow find themselves in a position to over exploit a resource to their own benefit but to the detriment of sustainability for the planet and mankind?

And who or what is the guardian versus THAT body?