Re-Novation of the Monopoly on Money Supply

Poker and Game Theoretically Optimal Strategies

The purpose of studying what is optimal and/or ideal is often misunderstood (much like the use of the assumption that markets and/or participants/agents are rational which is a perfectly useful assumption). Here we turn to an excerpt from poker professional explaining how we use GTO theory:

A Quick Note on Rand and Monopoly

Ayn Rand resonated with me quickly. I’m not sure if its because I understand her well or not very much at all. I haven’t read her books but I have listened to all the video interviews of her I could find to learn of her insights. She presents herself in a way that I think is foreign-she sort of acts her part rather than explaining her insights. And for this I think her words are often misunderstood. Here is an important and relevant quote I have found:

The Nashian View Versus the National View

It is (seemingly) always that economic papers are written from the framework of inquiring into the optimal national monetary policy. And then there is often the implication that a government unnecessarily or unfairly taxes its citizenry through inflation.

There Is No Internationally Held Monopoly on Money Supply

So here is the simple perspective that allows us to properly attempt to solve and attend to the problem of moving to optimal national money supplies. That there is no international monopoly on money and that there cannot be because there is no international or global empire to impose it.

From a Lower Payoff Equilibrium to A Higher Payoff; From Zero-sum Conflict to Not Zero Sum

By the introduction of a universal transferable utility:



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