Re-Visiting the Pyramid Standards

On Different Types of Money or Value Trends

There is certainly a need to sometimes store wealth and sometimes a need to spend that wealth. Historically different mediums served a range of uses between these two needs. When gold was a good store of wealth it was still not necessarily the perfect transfer of value. Different technologies arose to facilitate the transfer of the store of value.

What Should the Value of Money Be or What Should It Be Backed By?

Here I am thinking about the (to me) now obvious relation between the work we contribute to our economy and the store-able and transferable income we are paid in relation to it. If we think of ourselves as a global community that admits to needing to produce and advance to survive etc. then I think it is quite reasonable to suggest that an optimal system would seek to find the proper valuation of work done.

Re-visting the Relationship Between Bitcoin and Pyramid Building

I finally tried to check for empirical evidence that the pyramids arose out of natural order as a basis for a strong economy. That perhaps the Egyptians were mining a metal and the steady production of blocks was a relational byproduct somehow to this process.

On the History of Evolving to New Measurement Standards

I have also previously suggested that an initial use case for an otherwise useless byproduct of mining might be as a standard for weight. I am now thinking of how, from an objective view, each of the metals we eventually unearthed were initially useless in the sense that we could not have a preconceived notion for something that we didn’t already know existed.

The Natural Theory of Money

I think we have really collectively misunderstood money, which is part of the nature of it. There can’t be anything that is valuable unless the players deem it to be. What we really want is a proper measurement of the work inputted versus the output efficiency gained or harnessed.



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