Roger Ver is Clearly Correct: Bitcoin Cash is a Better Cash Than Bitcoin

On the Impartial Observer and the Ignorant Observer

On Requesting an Of Camera Debate

On Bitcoin Versus Bitcoin Cash

On The Political Vector of Attack Ver Is Exploiting

The Resolution of the Blockchain War

Bitcoin Cash Cannot Serve As A High Value Settlement Mechanism

We can see that times could change, especially if a “miracle energy source” were found, and thus if a good ICPI is constructed, it should not be expected to be valid as initially defined for all eternity. It would instead be appropriate for it to be regularly readjusted depending on how the patterns of international trade would actually evolve.

Here, evidently, politicians in control of the authority behind standards could corrupt the continuity of a good standard, but depending on how things were fundamentally arranged, the probabilities of serious damage through political corruption might becomes as small as the probabilities that the values of the standard meter and kilogram will be corrupted through the actions of politicians.

A Note On Core and Bitcoin Maximalists Politically Based Stance

On Why Roger Ver Will Never Engage In Debate With Me Publically



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