The Great Organism and Its Currency Genes

1 min readOct 18, 2023


Keynes is known for making reference to animal spirts. Today we use terms such as bull/bear, and hawk/dove.

No doubt this extends the history of philosophy of likening and metaphorizing the outputs of complex functions and inputs etc.

Here I am thinking of how society or humans are really subservient to the natural evolution of the group, as if the totality of the group was an organism.

And for this metaphor I think we can quite easily ascribe to the organism currency as its genes. And see the stabilization of the base layer (ie bitcoin) and relationally stable equivalents as units of survivable genes.

I think it will take some evolution before its understood the existential implications. We are not humans evolving into the universe. We don’t evolve based on our own plans. We are natural and so is what we observe of the totality of us. It is the totality of us that is evolving to whatever it will be.

That raises the free will paradox to the cosmic level…does the individual have the ability to affect the total.