The Proper Counter to To Dualistic Based Propaganda

1 min readAug 11, 2022

If we consider the ending of dualistic thinking by the introduction of the concept of ‘re-solution’, in which we raise our framework to an inclusive (or rather ‘not exclusive’) viewpoint, we can understand such divisions with respect to propriety.

That is to say that any political power, having the tendency naturally towards corruption, is able to use duality to their advantage.

To put this simply government can use two different sides to complex social argument to their own advantage since each side is truly both right and wrong (or total and limited) depending effectively on context.

The obvious counter or protect then is a society that seeks re-solution.


We can understand then in regard to the winning side of ‘the great war’ that Nazism and our definition of it become a logical inconsistency which therefore houses the core limitation in our religious beliefs.

Pointing to Nazism as to what is ‘bad’ then is an intellectual disease.

To study the history in the context of “they did the bad things; we did the good things” is to start with a limited framework.