Vague Thoughts on Network Transportation and the Re-solution of Socialism vs Capitalism or the “West vs Moscow”

1 min readJun 18, 2023


Here I’m thinking of the suggestion of a type of observation, such as stars or vertices, and traversing them as an equilibrium of favorable, or not favorable, allies.

For our example we want to considering driving through a tunnel of many bouncing balls some of which are +ev, and some of which are -ev. Some are allies; some are enemies. So we can consider it a probability distribution of red versus blue and solve for n-cases later (and we expect no future findings n player fields to be fatal to our observation here)

Thinking of a finite field. It has to be finite (we might remove this later).

I think one might conjecture, in a sufficiently long tunnel, one would always run into the equilibrium. Maybe, we can make a mathematical formalization about the speed in relation to the probable distribution of the dualities in this regard (as well as including the distance variable etc.).

But of course this would be a different scenario if the topology, or ie amount of red versus blue balls, was controlled by one side of the red or blue balls.

Then such equilibrium math would be essentially distorted.

Here, as Nash says in HIL:

‘[But] we feel that a “translatability” property should hold true here.’