Why Roe V Wade Wasn’t Actually About Women’s Rights

About as awkward as a Full House reboot thinking Stephanie Tanner is leading the right side of a revolution: ”Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner on both Full House and Fuller House, joined Antifa to block a Los Angeles highway over the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.”~https://foxmetronews.com/news/fuller-house-actress-jodie-sweetin-joins-antifa-protesters-blocking-highway-in-la-gets-shoved-to-ground-by-police-while-refusing-to-complyvideo/

Often heard in response to RVW is ‘my body my choice’.

Of course this ignores the debate of whether not the to-be-aborted fetus is a person that also has such rights. For this, “my body my choice” actually means “…if you disagree with me I’m going to allow myself to get so offended that I will break all of the rules of reasonable social engagement .”

Women didn’t actually lose any rights. The idea was just ascribed to the event so that emotion could be used as an excuse for irrationality.

Yet somewhere that assertion triggers someone into getting angry and saying “…yes it did, therefore I’m angry, therefore reason doesn’t matter, therefore yes it did and therefore my outrage is justified, and again therefore yes it did”.

We kill babies and humans all the time and no one bats an eye.

So then why not just declare a mother has a right to kill her own baby, be consistent, and we can end the debate on when life starts.

“Tears and Tension as the NCAA Awards a Women’s Championship to a Male Swimmer”~https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/tears-and-tension-as-the-ncaa-award-a-womens-championship-to-a-male-swimmer/

I’d like to suggest there is no one in the world willing and able to calmly debate that biological men who are transgender woman competing in otherwise female sports makes sense-let alone that it can possibly be in the name of fairness.

I say this because my question to such persons, that I believe don’t exist, would be to ask why Leah shouldn’t simply swim in the men’s/male league where the division, although called men, is really meant to be about the biological and social advantages a male would have.

In conclusion I want to consider whether or not the transgender woman should feel the same pain that a biologically born/assigned woman felt on the day of RVW being overturned.

As a side note I would like to point out all of the male partners of the women who are led by the Stephanie Tanner revolution and how it was implicit that they are not to comment on and especially against RVW.

‘would it be necessary or appropriate to include the race of a suspect in a search when the race/ethnicity is stated differently than the actual observable truth’?

I know this is hard for an emotional mind to gather, but why wouldn’t we just not announce the ethnic background/race of the target if it didn’t help the search?

“Well context matters”

all ages drag shows with sexual innuendo are immoral.

Rather he was intent on pointing out that drag doesn’t mean trans, that’s a woman not drag in the picture, and went on to talk about how there could be a white guy getting chased down by a black kid he stole from and he could take a picture out of context about that.



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