Wright Has Satoshi Key(s) and Ver Has Your Mt Gox Coins

Another Power Hungry Madman on an Irrational Tirade

Then we have Roger Ver. Ver has been leading a ridiculous and illogical pursuit of trying to usurp a decentralized body of contributors to an open source project. His endeavors cannot succeed yet he is on a rampage twisting every narrative he can, buying every media source he can, creating duplicates of any bitcoin communication forum such as reddit. He created his own forum and is widely believed to be paying a mass troll army to propagate his want to usurp control over bitcoin.

What’s happening?

I have to simple thoughts which solve a lot of questions that I previously couldn’t resolve. I couldn’t fit the story together no matter which way I put the pieces. But now I have a possible scenario and all of a sudden ALL of the pieces fit…

Ver’s Power and Corruption



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