Wright Has Satoshi Key(s) and Ver Has Your Mt Gox Coins

4 min readJul 18, 2017


Bitcoin’s civil war. It’s a war between a group of the top computer scientists in the world and some clearly irrational and nefarious players. But there has been something that has stood out to me the whole time, particularly because my perspective and understanding of bitcoin was painted by John Nash not Satoshi Nakamoto.

What stands out is that no one’s story has been making sense.

Core and the upper elite bitcoiner’s, those that seem to have been there since the earlier days, are intent on addressing irrational and unfounded arguments by what appear to be (clearly) mad-men. There is someone running around literally claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto and meanwhile no one believes

But he’s not stopping, in fact he’s ramping up:

Craig Wright already botched an “event” where he was supposed to prove he had Satoshi’s keys. Gavin Andresen, bitcoin’s ex chief architect, publicly announced Wright was Satoshi and claimed that he was offered proof by Wright:

But no respected computer scientist agreed, and Wright was very quickly shown to be a fraud using cryptographic parlor tricks. At the time Andresen made the accusation there were a small handful of people that simultaneously confirmed the story.

What is going on? Why is a fake Satoshi running around on the news saying he doesn’t want attention? Why is the ex chief bitcoin architect ruining his reputation over an obvious lie?

Another Power Hungry Madman on an Irrational Tirade

Then we have Roger Ver. Ver has been leading a ridiculous and illogical pursuit of trying to usurp a decentralized body of contributors to an open source project. His endeavors cannot succeed yet he is on a rampage twisting every narrative he can, buying every media source he can, creating duplicates of any bitcoin communication forum such as reddit. He created his own forum and is widely believed to be paying a mass troll army to propagate his want to usurp control over bitcoin.

What is going on? Why do so many respected computer scientists spend so much of their time arguing versus obvious irrational arguments that Ver’s brigade perpetuates.

Why does Ver act like he is the RIGHTFUL owner to the network? Why is Ver passionately trying to disrupt the community and general consensus?

Lately Wright and Ver have seem to start to gravitate to each other in regard to their arguments. Ver has suggested that whether or not Wright is a conman their views align.

So are they colluding? I don’t think so.

What’s happening?

I have to simple thoughts which solve a lot of questions that I previously couldn’t resolve. I couldn’t fit the story together no matter which way I put the pieces. But now I have a possible scenario and all of a sudden ALL of the pieces fit…

Wright DOES have, or effectively has, Satoshi key(s).

I am not technical enough to know exactly what that means. But if you look on Gavin’s face when he says Wright is Satoshi he looks forlorn and concerned while playing an otherwise convincing part.

Gavin was signaling to the world, it's true, and no one was to be happy about it.

All Wright's actions now make sense from this perspective. He was going around secretly convincing victims that he didn’t just have the key but that he WAS in fact Satoshi. His personality and life history was a perfect storm to gravitate him towards the power. Now that he has it he is on an unstoppable path-no one can separate him from the key (and I suspect some are trying).

He was never trying to convince computer scientists that actively work on bitcoin; he only targets those that are unaware of exactly how computer science and cryptography works. The best the good guys could do was force him into the media.

But Wright can’t/won’t actually move the coins. Even if he could it would implicate him in the most immutable public forum possible. He can only claim to people that he has the wealth-people that don’t understand the difference.

I have other thoughts on this but I want to keep this fairly simply and leave the esoterism out (for now).

Ver’s Power and Corruption

Ver’s agenda is different. Ver has been smiling like a Cheshire cat ever since I learned of bitcoin. He says obvious twisting and backwards things like “bitcoin is like starbux therefore…” They say he has a lot of coins and nobody knows how many.

I think I know how many, and it's probably worse than you are thinking.

You can see insane rage in his eyes while simultaneously seeing that he cannot barely contain his smile. He argues as if he the project is his and it was take from him. He sits like a kid separated from his toy and reprimanded. He props up his argument economically as if his bankroll is never ending.

Ver is clearly corrupted with power. But how does millions in wealth do this? I don’t think its millions. I think maybe its billions.

In short Ver is clearly in cahoots with Karples. If you lost coins in Mt. Gox, Ver has them.

Him and Karples made a deal and they are both waiting for the dust to settle before the split their bounty. Mount Gox clearly at some point, perhaps from inception, because a trap for victims. The pot was allowed to grow big enough until it was time and then the bitcoin’s “disappeared”. Karples doesn’t “have them” and so he feels he cannot be held guilty.

These boys are in trouble, they are in a modern day prisoners dilemma, they don’t understand how law works, and what groups and forces in this world are after them.

Now, look at Roger talk about Mount Gox and see the truth…he has your coins: