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To the Reader: This article is written to be read start to end with no need for the reader to trace the link’s and extra material reference.

That is the brevity of it. After words, when brevity hits, if there was clarity provided it might be enjoyable to then to check out the quality of my citations.

….money intrinsically not subject to inflation… ~

When we interpret that passage with inflation meaning “stable purchasing power” we…

The ultimately launched concept of “ideal Money” became possible when I conceived of a practical basis of a standardization of the comparison of the value of the currency with an appropriate standard of ideal.

…a modern alternative is possible, one that would provide a good standard independent of state pardoners. This idea occurred to me fairly.~Ideal Money

In 2002 John Nash published a paper in the Southern Economic Journal entitled “Ideal Money” in which he proposed an ideal basis for the global economy as an alternative to the gold standard.

Another approach, which also helps in interpreting historical evidence, is to base assumptions on a logical (but also conjectural) story of the evolution of a “typical” free banking system, as it might occur in an imaginary, unregulated society called Ruritania.

At first glance the story of Ruritania and the banking system that…


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